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accident by accident

Act as

badly 程度深刻的

blind adj. blindness turn a blind eye to

board n. 登船,寄宿

burn with shame

business n. none of my business

catch one’s eye catch one’s attention catch one’s breath corner 逼入绝境

at the cost of

turn a deaf ear to

death … to death

difference make a difference

doubt there is no doubt that

draw draw back draw one’s attention draw money drive 迫使

earth on earth 究竟

fail words fail (me)

field in the field of art

free free from

form form the habit develop the habit

gift have a gift for

give sb a hand 帮助某人

happen to do 碰巧做某事

hold hold on hold one’s breath hold back

insist on sth

play a joke on sb

land 着落

last sb is the last one …

late spring

burst into/out laughing/laughter

lose be lost in mind/thought lost in one’s own world mean 意味着 mean to do 打算做某事

means 方式,过程

not to mention 更不用说

nature 天性,本质

neck and neck 并驾齐驱

nobody but you

object 反对

go pale

pay back 还清钱 pay off回报

plain plain appearance plain words

play an important part/role in

poor poor study poor light

point key point turning point there is no point in doing push 逼迫

pull away 不情愿的离开

reach out of reach

ready be ready to do

right 合适的

safe it is safe to do sth

save sb from

shape 塑造

stick to sth 坚持某事

side effect 副作用

spare no efforts to do sth 不遗余力做某事

in high/low spirits

subjective 主观的 objective 客观的

suggestion 迹象

supply water supply

touch 感动

wear a big smile

be willing to do

wonder want to know It‘s no wonder that

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