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A. steel B. liquid C. paper

72. Which of the following is True about the “Donkey Bike”?

A. It can carry four persons. B. It is designed for children.

C. It includes a strong steel bar.

73. The roll of paper in Little Printer is used for ______.

A. cleaning the cover of the machine B. printing your own newspaper

C. reading news headlines or riddles

74. A child who has poor eyesight may be interested in ______.

A. Invention 1 B. Invention 2 C. Invention 3

75. The passage is mainly about ______.

A. the change of eightsight B. a gas can and a pet C. some cool inventions


The common Chinese greeting of “Ni chi le ma?” may soon be

replaced(代替) by a new greeting: “Have you cleaned your plate?”

The Clean Your Plate Campaign began on the Internet in

January, 2013. It calls on people to reduce food waste. China in

recent years has experienced serious problems with wasted food.

CCTV reported in January that the food Chinese people waste

every year is enough to feed 200 million people for a year.

Chinese people are well-known for their friendly behavior

towards guests. Many even feel that they lose face if their guests

have eaten all the food.

It’s important for everyone to reduce food waste. However, wasting food is still a serious problem in China. We still have a long way to go.

President Xi Jinping is encouraging people to be less wasteful, and he told Party members to 宴会). He said they should be more careful when spending the people’s money.

Wasting food certainly goes against what Xi Jinping calls, “the Chinese tradition of being hardworking and thrifty(节俭).” Having a “clean plate” is just a traditional and important thing to do.

Have you cleaned your plate?

76. The Clean Your Plate Campaign calls on people to ______.

A. reduce food waste B. be more friendly to guests C. deal with serious problems

77. Which of the following is True according to the passage?

A. The Clean Your Plate Campaign began online in January, 2013.

B. Chinese people waste food for 200 people in a year.

C. Chinese guests like to eat up all the food on the table.

78. We can learn from the passage that______.

A. plates must be kept clean


B. Party members like to waste the people’s money

C. it’s difficult to deal with food wasting problem

79. The underlined phrase “cut back on” in the 5th paragraph(段落) probably means “______ ”.

A. 增加 B. 保持 C. 减少

80. The passage is written to ______.

A. introduce a new way of greeting

B. encourage people to be less wasteful

C. call on people to work hard for our country

Ⅸ. 短文填词seem none teacher active from

know change notice too if find

As I was finishing the seventh grade, my school met some financial(财务的) problems. The school made the classes bigger, so there would be fewer I found out that of my close friends were in any of my new classes. Also, my new classmates were quite different my old ones. I began to feel lonely.

Soon I got to that people in other groups made new friends in their new classes. They very happy with their new friends.

I thought that was time for me _96_____ new friends. I _______ that people with many friends were very They often talked to others first, while I was frightened to talk to others and hoped other people would talk to me first.

So I decided to Once I realized that, I found that making friends is very easy you can respect(尊重) others and talk to them first. Now I feel a lot happier because I have more friends.

B. 完形填空: 从每题的三个选项中,选出可填入相应空白处的最佳答案。(每小题1.5分)

Molly’s brother Sammy liked to play the guitar and sing. He wrote a lot of songs and played them his family.

But one day when Sammy played basketball, he hurt his told Sammy his arm would never work again. It made him very sad.

Molly felt sad for him, too. She wanted to help him. When Sammy got home from hospital, he

the song sounded away his guitar .

Molly saw that. Then she had a great idea. She walked to Sammy and said, “You threw it away? Well, I think it is now.” She took Sammy’s guitar out of the dustbin and said, “I want to learn to play the guitar. Can you teach me?” And Sammy said, “Yes, I can.”

So Sammy taught Molly to play the guitar, and soon she learned to play just like a superstar. Sammy was very happy. Molly could play and he could sing. He wrote a lot of new songs for their little family band. And Molly helped Sammy again, and that made her feel happy.

33. A. in B. for C. at 34. A. arm B. leg C. guitar

35. A. could B. couldn’t C. shouldn’t36. A. beautiful B. terrible C. exciting

37. A. put B. took C. threw38. A. mine B. hers C. his

39. A. when B. how C. what 40. A. smile B. smiles C. smiled

A hobby is an interesting way of spending your free time. There are so different hobbies for different people to choose. Some hobbies are very popular, others are quite unusual. You may choose one that your are interested such as stamps, stones, foreign and so on.

If you like to work with your hands, you may enjoy model making and cutting, which both need great attention in detail. Or you may creative hobbies, like painting and writing. Many people outdoor activities to indoor activities. They get great pleasure from

, cycling and so on, which they can enjoy with others.

Wherever you live, there always a hobby for you to choose. The hobby can help you relax after your daily work. The hobby can give you many hours of pleasure and make your time interesting and creative. The hobby can bring you happiness, knowledge and friendship.


Ⅴ. 口语应用 (共5小题,每小题3分,满分15分)


【 Michael is Kangkang’s classmate. Kangkang is ringing him up at noon on April 20,2013. A: Michael’s father B: Kangkang C:Michael 】

A: Hello!

B: Hello! May I speak to Michael?

A: 76 ________________________

C: ( A few seconds later) Hello! Who’s speaking?

B: Hello. This is Kangkang. 77. _______________________

C: I’m watching CCTV news 30.

B: Are there any big events?

C: 78 ____________ An earthquake hit Ya’an. Some people died, thousands of people got hurt in the earthquake.

B: 79 ______________________ And what can we do to help them?

C: I think 80 ________________________________________

C: That’s a good idea.


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