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考点跟踪训练9 主谓一致

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考点跟踪训练9 主谓一致



( )1. There ________ lots of people at the restaurant when I got there.

A. is B. was

C. are D. were


解析:考查there be用法。lots of people是复数,be用复数形式,排除A和B;由when

I got there可知:用一般过去时表示,故选D。

( )2. —Do you like your new T-shirt?

—Yes. Not only I but also my mother ________ it.

A. likes B. like

C. doesn’t like D. to like


解析:考查主谓一致。Not only...but also...谓语动词的确定是临近原则。故选A。

( )3. —He, together with his parents ________going to visit Shanghai in July. How about


—I’m afraid I have to stay at home ________.

A. are; on my own B. is, by myself

C. is; by my own D. are; on myself



一致,故A、D错。by oneself是“独自”的意思。故选B。

( )4. There ________ still some milk in the fridge. It’s not necessary to go to the store


A. am B. is

C. are D. be


解析:考查there be句型的就近原则。这是一个there be结构的句子,离系动词be最近


( )5. The number of books in the bookshop is about 10,000 and a number of them

________ about science.

A. is B. was C. are D. Were



时态也应是一般现在时,故保留A和C项;由短语“a number of...”的谓语动词是 复数,故选C。

( )6. Neither my father nor my mother ________ rock music. They think that it’s too


A. like; noise B. likes; noise

C. like; noisy D. likes; noisy


解析:考查主谓一致和词义辨析。 neither...nor...“既不……,也不……”,连接两个主

语时,其谓语动词应与最近的一个主语在人称和数上保持一致,既“就近原则”。 本句的谓语动词由“my mother”来决定,用likes;noise 是名词“噪音”,noisy 是形容词:嘈杂的,根据句意可推断应为“嘈杂的”,故选D。

( )7. —David, there ________ a dictionary and some books on your desk. Please put them


—OK. Mum. I’ll do it right away.

A. is B. are

C. has D. have


解析:考查there be句型的就近原则。There be后面接并列名词时,谓语动词 be 应与

最邻近的名词在数上保持一致, 首先排除C、D项。又因为句中的名词为单数

a dictionary,由此可排除B项。故选A。

( )8. This is my twin sister, Lucy. Not only she but also I ________ good at drawing.

A. is B. am

C. are D. be


解析:考查主谓一致。Not only...but also...依据就近原则谓语动词的应是am。

( )9. One of my friends ________moved to America. I miss her so much.

A.has B. have

C. is D. are




( )10. ________ you ________ he is able to skate, but I am.(2009达州)

A. Both; and B. Not only; but also

C. Either; or D. Neither; nor






Do you have the ability to live cheaply? Now here’s a true story of an American girl, Sarah. ,she began to live in in a publishing house,but the salary(薪水would be hard,Cheap with keeping the big cost small. For most people,that ,a local restaurant. She then chicken bones(骨头)home and made soup out of them. 娱乐).But Sarah said,“I I love going to museums and parks.” Did Sarah feel poor living? Not really. She even managed to take two trips,one to the Netherlands, “Don’t think of saving money as something ____.It’s a kind of game,”said Sarah.

( )1. A. Until B. Because C. After D. Unless

( )2. A. found B. tried C. asked for D. looked for

( )3. A. more than B. less than C. shorter than D. higher than

( )4. A. can B. may C. could D. might

( )5. A. difficult B. possible C. useful D. different

( )6. A. already B. sometimes C. hardly D. always

( )7. A. helps B. becomes C. makes D. means

( )8. A. food B. rest C. studying D. playing

( )9. A. Soon B. Finally C. Once D. Again

( )10. A. prepared B. took C. caught D. picked

( )11. A. pay B. lend C. spend D. save

( )12. A. along B. up C. down D. around

( )13. A. by B. up C. at D. between

( )14. A. another B. the other C. others D. the others

( )15. A. hard B. interesting C. nice D. great


1.C。 通读全文可知故事发生在Sarah大学毕业后。

2.A.句意:她在出版社里找到一份工作。find找到,try尝试,ask for要求,look for寻找。故选A。

3.B。下文:她的父母认为她的生活会很困难。可知她的薪水少于$30,000 a year;且钱的多少用“少于”而不能用“低于”。故选B。




7.D。 句意:对于大多数人来说,大的消费意味着(means)买房。



10.B。通过上下文的意思可知她把鸡骨头带回家。take sth. home意为“把某物带回家”11.C。与on搭配的动词用spend,意为“花钱或时间在某事上”。

12.D。在城市里逛,短语用walk around。


14.B。固定句式:one is..., the other is...

15.A。句意:不要把省钱看做是困难的事,这也是一种游戏。故用hard困难的。 Ⅱ.阅读理解

Everyone has got two personalities (性格) —the one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don’t show your secret personality when you’re awake because you can control yourself, but when you’re asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night, of course, you often change your sleeping positions. The important position that best shows your secret personality is the one that you go to sleep.

If you go to sleep on your back, you’re a very open person. You normally trust people and you are easily influenced by new ideas. You don’t like to make people unhappy, so you never express your real feelings. You’re quite shy and you aren’t very confident. If you sleep on your stomach, you are a person who likes to keep secrets. You worry a lot and you’re always easily becoming sad. You never want to change your ideas, but you are satisfied with your life the way it is. You usually live for today not for tomorrow.

If you sleep on curled up (蜷缩), you are probably a very nervous person. You have a low . You’re shy and you don’t usually like meeting people. You like to be on your own.

If you sleep on your side, you have usually got a well balanced(平衡的) personality. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You’re usually careful. You have a confident personality. You sometimes feel worried, but you don’t often get unhappy. You always say what you think, even if it makes people angry.

( )1. You may find the passage in________.

A. a science magazine B. a guide book

C. a sports newspaper D. a story book

( )2. When does the sleeping position best show your secret personality?

A. In the daytime.

B. At the beginning of sleep.

C. At night.

D. During the deep sleep.

( )3. Tina hardly tells her secrets to her friends. She probably goes to sleep ________. A. on curled up B. on her stomach

C. on her back D. on her side

( )4. What does the word “defensive” mean in the passage?

A. 易怒的 B. 攻击性的

C. 外向的 D. 有戒心的

( )5. What does the passage tell us?

A. Sleeping on your side is the best way of sleeping.

B. Changing positions will cause sleeping problems.

C. Sleeping positions show people’s secret personalities.

D. Enough sleep makes people look better and healthier. 语篇解读:

1. A。细节理解题。整篇文章介绍人物的性格特征,外在的和内在的,说明和科学有关。

2. B。 细节理解题。根据文章中“The important position that best shows your secret personality is the one that you go to sleep.”可知应该是开始睡的时候。

3. B。细节理解题。由文章中的“If you sleep on your stomach, you are a person who likes to keep secrets.”可知。

4. D。词义猜测题。从文章中可知“You have a low opinion of yourself and often protect yourself from being hurt,”可知,保护自己不受到伤害,那么defensive意为“有戒心的”。

5. C。概括归纳题。由文章中的第二段到第五段可知。

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