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1.back n. [C] 背部;后面adj.后面的; adv.回(原处),向后; lie on one's back仰卧 back seat后座 back over倒车 go back回去 give back to…归还给… date back to追溯到 get…back取回…

①I don’t feel comfortable today. My back hurts badly.

②Mr. Wang will go back to his hometown this summer vacation. ③There is a blackboard at the back of the classroom.

I left my book in my car. Can you go and get it back?
【派生】backward(s) adv.向后

2.become vt.&vi.(became,become) ①变得;成为 ②适合;相配

①He became interested in music at the age of two. ②Red becomes me when I become thinner.

③What has become of you?

【辨析】be, become, get, turn 【解析】 ①She’s become a pop singer at last. 她最终成为了一 名流行歌手。 She is a pop singer now.她现在是一名流行歌手了。 ②get=become,但多用于口语。 ③grow多用于书面语。 ④turn指颜色变化,或某种彻底的转变,如:The leaves turn yellow when autumn comes. 秋天来临,树叶变黄 了。 【词根】be(是)+come(来)=become(成为)

3.beyond prep.迟于,晚于;(指品质等)处于...之 外,超脱于; (指程度)深于;(指范围)越出 ①My parents don’t allow me to stay outside beyond midnight. ②That book was beyond my reach.

③ Its benefits go beyond this.
④ She has intelligence beyond the ordinary

4.bit n. [C] (1) 小片,小块,小段[(+of)] The dog was pulling the newspaper to bits. (2) 少量,一点点[(+of)] She is out to do a bit of shopping. (3) 一会儿,片刻[(+of)] Please wait a bit. (4) 【美】【口】一角二分半钱

5. bitter adj. 1. 有苦味的,苦的 The failure was a bitter pill to swallow. The medicine tastes bitter. 2. 痛苦的;难堪的 They learned a bitter lesson. 3. 极冷的,严寒刺骨的 The wind is bitter. 4. 充满仇恨的;极为不满的

5. 激烈的;尖刻的 Why was he so bitter against me?

6. board n. (1) 木板;板[C] He sawed the board in half. (2) 牌子;布告牌;黑板;(棋)盘[C] (3)膳食;伙食[U] We will provide room and board for them. (4) 委员会;理事会;董事会;(政府的)部,局, He has recently joined the board of the company. 动词 vt. 上(船、车、飞机等) The passengers boarded the plane at 9 a.m.

7. break-broke-broken n. (take a break) v. (1) 打破;折断;使碎裂 He fell down and broke his ankle. (2) 破坏(约束);违反 She didn't break the rules. (3) 透露;说出 I had thought I would never break the bad news to my grandmother.

(4)破碎;破裂;断裂 The plate broke to pieces when it fell on the floor.

be broken: 坏了; break down:分解,肢解

break off: (突然)中断
break out:(战争)爆发 break away:摆脱,戒除 break into: 破门而入,闯入

8.breath n. (1)呼吸,气息[U] After all that running, he was short of breath. (2)(呼吸的)一次,一口气[C] When he walked out of the of the room, he drew

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