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一、完成对话 在对话空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词(含缩写词)。 A: Which coat do you like? B: I’m not ___1___.

A: Well, which one do you like?

B: I like the ___2___ one better, but this green is too dark. A: What about this ___3___? B: That’s too ___4___. A: ___5___ this one better?

B: Yes. That’s just right. Let me have a ___6___. A: ___7___ you are.

B: Oh, it’s nice and soft, too. How ___8___ is it? A: Ninety-five yuan.

B: That’s dear. Can it be ___9___? A: No. I’m afraid not.

二、短文填空 从下面方框中选出10个单词并使用其正确形式填入短文空格内,使短文意思正确、通顺 That day was like any other day in ___1___ life. After school, Michael walked to the shop on the street corner. He stopped to look at the front row of ___2___, and he felt sorry for himself. He ___3___ wanted to have a pair of shoes for his birthday.

He walked away sadly and ___4___ of how to tell his mother. He knew she would give him ___5___. But he also knew very well she had ___6___ money. Then he saw a boy on a wheel chair(轮椅). He found that the boy moved the wheel ___7___ his hands. Michael looked at him carefully and was ___8___ to see that the boy had no feet. He looked down at his own feet. “It’s

much better to be without shoes than without ___9___ ,” he thought. There was no reason for him to feel sorry and sad. He went ___10___ and smiled, thinking he was luckier in life.


补全短文。根据短文内容,从短文后的A~F 选项中选出适当的选项补全短文。(共5小题,每小题1分; 计5分)

Mother: Hello, I’m Carla Espinoza. I am Saul’s mother.

Teacher: I am very pleased to meet you. lson, Saul’s teacher. Mother: I am pleased to meet you too. Saul seems to like your class. He talks about it a lot.

Mother: Oh, my English is terrible. What can I do?

Teacher: Well, just coming today is very helpful. You make an appointment to meet with me

Mother: What is a homework folder?

Teacher: We send important work home to be completed, or if there is a parent newsletter,

permission slip, or anything else we need for you to know in his homework folder. 4 C_.

Mother: If I check his homework folder, then I’ll be able to see what Saul is doing in class every


Teacher: That’s right! It would also help Saul improve his reading skills if you would read a little

with him every night.


Julie and Jamie are sisters. They both think Easter is a lot of fun.

On Easter morning, Julie and Jamie go downstairs. They find their Easter baskets.

“Oh, how pretty!” says Julie. Julie’s basket has pink grass, lots of jelly beans, marshmallow

chicks, and a big chocolate bunny.

“It’s perfect!” says Jamie. Jamie’s basket has green grass, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks,

and a big chocolate bunny.

Both Julie and Jamie love chocolate. They love to get chocolate bunnies for Easter. Julie and

Jamie think that chocolate bunny ears are the best chocolate in the world. Julie always eats the

bunny ears first. She says that the best things should come first. She nibbles at the tip and works

her way down. Jamie always eats the bunny ears last. She says she is saving the best for last. She

starts with bunny feet and very slowly works her way up.





1. 林浩是个既聪明又诚实的男孩。

2. 他对人友好,从不说别人坏话。

3. 他乐意和别人分享东西,他也随时准备帮助别人。

4. 上周,在他去俱乐部的路上,他发现一个8岁的小男孩迷了路,在街上哭。


Dear sir:

I would like to recommend Lin Hao for this year’s Youth Award.


We all think that Lin Hao should get the award. We hope you agree with us.

Yours faithfully

Wu Bing


Lin Hao is a clever and honest boy. He is kind and never says a bad word about others. He is willing to share things with others, he is also ready to help people anytime. Last week, on his way to the club, he found that an 8-year-old boy lost his way and cried in the street. It took him two hours to help the little boy find the way home. The boy’s parents were very thankful to him.

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