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Jose had just seen his friend, Mike. Several hours ago his friend was (51) by a speeding truck and hurt badly. He wept(流泪) silently as he thought about his (52) friend. Nothing else seemed to be

(53) now. He was so sad that he (54) do his school papers.At home, he looked at the TV screen but nothing seemed to be (55). Jose knew that Mike would get better, but he worried about the (56). Would it happen again?

51.A. fallen B.hit C.carried D.driven

52. A.close B.sad C.poor D.excited

53. A.matter B.care C.mind D.happen

54. A.mustn’t B.shouldn’t C.might not D.couldn’t

55. A.interesting B.usual C.surprising D.possible

56. A.result B.future C.health D.past


I have a big plan for my future. I’m going to (46) somewhere interesting. I want to go to Pares very much. There are lots of art exhiitions there. I want to be an(47). First, I’m going to find a part-time job for a year or two annd (48) some money.Then I’m going to be a student at an art school in Paris. And I’m going to study(49) at the same time. Next, I’m going to hold art exhibitions because I want to be(50) and buy a big house for my parents. I also want to travel all over the world.

46.A.work B. fly C.hide D.move

47. A.artist B.inventor C.engineer D.actor

48. A.borrow B.spend C.save D.change

49. A.English B.French C. German D. Chinese

50. A.lonely B. kind C.healthy D. rich

●2008年武汉市中考英语《考试说明》题型示例 完形填空(A篇第一段)

My name is Leo. I’m from Australia, and I’ve been teaching in China for two years. I teach in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province. This is an interesting (41) with a vey colorful history. There is some European influence in the city, and some of the old building in Harbin are in (42) style.

41. A.name B. city C.province D. story

42. A. Japanese B. Chinese C. Russian D. Indian

●2009年武汉市中考英语《考试说明》题型示例 完形填空A篇

Last year my French class was difficult for me. First of all, it wasn’t easy for me to understand the teacher (41) she talked to the class. To begin with, she (42) too quickly, and I couldn’t understand every word. Later on, I (43) that it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word. Also I was afraid to speak in class, because I thought my classmates might (44) me. I couldn’t always (45) complete sentences, either. Then I started (46) French-language TV. It helped a lot. I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the (47) of becoming a good language learner. Another thing that I found very dufficult was French grammer. So I decided to (48) lots of grammar noes in evey class. Then I started to write my own original sentences using the grammar I was learning. It’s

(49) how much this helped. Now I am enjoying learning (50) and I got an A this term. My teacher is very impressed.

41. A.if B. because C.when D.unless

42. A.walked B. spoke C.wrote D.drew

43. A.forgot B. supposed C.guessed D.realized

44. A. looked at B. care for C. think about D.laugh at


45. A.make B. remember C.copy

46. A.repair B.clean C.borrow

47. A.names B. secrets C. stories

48. A.find B.use C.take

49. A.interesting B.amazing C.surprising

50. A.Chinese B.French C. Japanese

●2010年武汉市中考英语完形题第1至第四自然段 D.understand D.watch D.dreams D.copy D.relaxing D.English

Denny Crook was a famous photographer. He traveled all over the world, taking pictures for magazines and newspapers, and won many prizes.

“I’ll do anything to get a good photo,” he often said. “I’ll go anywhere at any time, even if it is (41).”

And he told the (42). He had photos of earthquakes, forest fires, floods and even wars. If something interesting happened, Denny went to photo it.

He was a married man and his wife often asked him to take her with him, but he always (43).”I’ll travel for my work, not for (44),” he told her . “You won’t enjoy yourself, and I won’t have (45) to look after you. Sometimes there’s not even anywhere to (46), and I have to sleep outside. I often don’t have a good (47) or a bath for days. You won’t like it.”

41. A. dangerous B. natural C. convenient D. impossible

42. A. lie B. reason C. news D. truth

43. A. allowed B. refused C. failed D. joked

44. A. wealth B. prize C. pleasure D. luck

45. A. money B. time C. interest D. ability

46. A. meet B. work C. shop D. stay

47. A. meal B. picnic C. room D. party


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