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1.—When Daisy heard the voiced from the water, what did she do?

—A .felt cold B .lookde sad C .stopped moving D . knew what to do

2.—Your room is messy. Do you know what you should do?

—I know I should clean it up.

A .make it clean B .make it right C .make it tidy D .make it dirty

3.——Because he had something important to do.

A .begin B .finish C .continue D .start A .consider B .agree C .talk about D .discuss A .but not B .stead C . in place D .and

6.—I ?m sorry I didn?—I don?t want to interrupt you.

A .allow B .decide C .aware of D .notice

7.— —May did.

A .gave up B .put down C .brought up D .put up A .take B .hold C .finish D . open

9.The boy can answer the teacher? A .very soon B .without time C .very fast D .some time

10.Would you please read them again closely?

A .fortunately B .excitedly C .carefully D .widely


11.----Which class won the match in the end?

----I?m not quite sure. Maybe _____did.

A. Class Third B.Class three C.third Class D.Class Three

12.We have bought two______ for the coming party.

A. box of apple B. boxes of apples C. box of apples D.boxes of apple

13.----Do you live alone, Mr Wang? ---Yes, I have two children. But ___ of them lives with me. They are now studying in England.



15.We have ____ our sports meeting till next Monday because of the bad weather.

A. put on B. put off

B. is C. put down C. are D. put out(fire) D. were 16. Everyone except Bill and Jim ____ there when the meeting began. A.was B. none B. But, C. neither C. So D. all D. And 14. He didn?t help me. _____, he laughed at me.

17. ----Is that Miss Green speaking? ----_______?

A. Yes, who?s this?

C. Yes, who are you?

B. yes, who?s that? D. yes, who?s Miss Green? B. No, isn?t it. D. Of course not. B. Have a good time. D. Don?t give up now. C. what a pity D. how a pity thing

D. nothing.

18. ----Your handwriting is very good.-----______. A. My handwriting is bad. C. Thank you. A. Can you fish? 19.----I?ll go fishing this weekend. ----______. C. No, I am too busy. A. What pity 20.---She didn?t pass the English exam. ---______. B. How pity 21. ----What do you prefer , meat or fish? ---_______. A. As you like. B. All right. A. Not at all.

C. That?s true.

A. that C. Either will do B. Bad luck 22.----Excuse me, Which is the way to the post office? ---- Sorry, I?m new here. D. Thank you all the same. C. when D. how

D. That?s wrong. 23. I like the music ____ I can dance to . B. whose 24.----Don?t play football in the street. -----_________. A. Sorry, I won?t. B. I?d like to C. Yes, I do.

25. I don?t know when my father______ back, but I?ll tell you when he _____ back.

A. comes, comes B. come ,come C. comes, will come D. will come, comes.


Once a Frenchman got to England. He _1_ only a little English. One day when he was _2_ by the windows of a restaurant and having lunch, he heard a _3_ “Look out!” So he put his head out of the _4_ to find out what was _5_ outside. Just then a basin of dirty water poured(倒水) over his _6_. Then another. He was very angry. He shouted, “Damn you(该死)! See what you have_7_”

The men passing by laughed at him and he _8_ even more angry. One of them said to him, “You _9_ be a foreigner. ?Look out? in English means ?Be _10_?.”

( )26.A.taught B.knew C.heard D.spoke

( )27.A.seeing B.buying C.working D.sitting

( )28.A.sound B.noise C.voice D.saying

( )29.A.table B.window C.book D.coat

( )30.A.shouting B.coming C.happening D.fighting

( )31.A.head B.hand C.eye D.mouth

( )32.A.given B.said C.done D.finished

( )33.A.got B.had C.made D.did

( )34.A.will B.can C.may D.must

( )35.A.happy B.out C.careful D.careless

Ⅲ .阅读理解



Linda Evans was my best friend—like the sister I never had. We did everything together: piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding.

When I was 13, my family moved away. Linda and I kept in touch through letters, and we saw each other on special time—like my wedding (婚礼) and Linda?s. Soon we were busy with children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less often. One day a card that I sent came back, stamped “Address (地址) Unknown. ” I had no idea how to find Linda.

Over the years, I missed Linda very much. I wanted to share (分享) happiness of my children and then grandchildren. And I needed to share my sadness when my brother and then mother died. There was an empty place in my heart that only a friend like Linda could fill.

One day I was reading a newspaper when I noticed a photo of a young woman who looked very much like Linda and whose last name was Wagman — Linda?s married name. “There must be thousands of Wagmans,” I thought, but J still wrote to her.

She called as soon as she got my letter. “Mrs Tobin!” she said excitedly, “Linda Evans Wagman is my mother. ”

Minutes later I heard a voice that I knew very much, even after 40 years, laughed and cried and caught up on each other?s lives. Now the empty place in my heart is filled. And there?s one thing that Linda and I know for sure: We won?t lose each other again!

36. The writer went to piano lessons with Linda Evans _______.

A. at the age of 13

B. before she got married

C. after they moved to new homes

D. before the writer?s family moved away

37. They didn?t often write to each other because they _______.

A. got married

B. had little time to do so

C. didn?t like writing letters

D. could see each other on special time

38. There was an empty place in the writer?s heart because she _______.

A. was in trouble

B. didn?t know Linda?s address

C. received the card that she sent

D. didn?t have a friend like Linda to share her happiness or sadness

39. The writer was happy when she _______.

A. read the newspaper

B. heard Linda?s voice on the phone

C. met a young woman who looked a lot like Linda

D. wrote to the woman whose last name was Wagman

40. They haven?t kept in touch _______.

A. for about 40 years

B. for about 27 years

C. since they got married

D. since the writer?s family moved away


Shlander is a man from space. He thinks the people and things on the earth are very strange. He is now writing a letter to his friend at home. Here is part of his letter. Read it and answer the questions.

Now I am in a strange world. It is very nice. There are many new things here. There are many earth monsters here, too. The earth monsters look very funny. They have just one head, two arms and two legs. They have thin black strings on their heads. Some earth monsters have brown or yellow strings. The earth monsters have a hole in

their face. Every day, they put nice things and balls from the trees into the hole. They put water into the hole, too. The earth monsters do not walk very fast. They move from place to pace in tin boxes.

At night, the earth monsters like to look at a square window box. This box has very small earth monsters in it.

41. Shlander thinks the people and things on the earth are very ________.

A. strange B. nice

C. different D. beautiful

42. Shlander thinks man on the earth is ________.

A. a monkey B. a earth monster

C. a tin box D. a strange world

43. The earth monster doesn?t have ________.

A. heads, arms and legs B. brown or yellow strings on its head

C. a hole on its face D. a swing on its body

44. The earth monsters don?t put ________ on their holes.

A. nice things B. balls

C. fire D. water

45. The square window box is ________.

A. a car or a bus B. a very small earth monster

C. a TV set D. a radio


This is a song millions of Americans will hear this New Year?s Eve. It is called Auld Lang Syne (《友谊地久天长》). It is the traditional music played during the New Year?s celebration. Auld Lang Syne is an old Scottish poem. It tells about the need to remember old friends.

The words “auld lang syne” mean “old long since”. No one knows who wrote the poem first. However, a version by Scottish poet Robert Bums was published (出版) in 1796. The words and music we know today first appeared in a songbook three years later.

The song is played in the United States mainly on New Year?s Eve. The version (译文) you are hearing today is by the Washington Saxophone Quartet. As we end our program with Auld Lang Syne. I would like to wish all of our radio friends a very Happy New Year! This is Buddy Thomas. (from www.zkenglish.com)

46. Where is this passage from?

A. A newspaper. B. A magazine.

C. A TV program. D. A radio program.

47. Who is introducing Auld Lang Syne to us?

A. Robert Bums. B. The Washington Saxophone Quartet.

C. Buddy Thomas. D. The passage doesn?t tell us.

48. When is Auld Lang Syne mainly played in the USA according to the passage?

A. On New Year?s Eve. B. On Christmas Eve.

C. On weekends. D. On holidays.

49. When did the words and music of Auld Lang Syne we know today first appear?

A. In 1790. B. In 1793.

C. In 1796. D. In 1799.

50. What?s Auld Lang Syne about?

A. It?s about the history of Scotland.

B. It?s about an old Scottish poet.

C. It?s about the need to remember old friends.

D. It?s about the wishes to the radio friends.


Nicholas Vujicic was born without arms and legs in 1982, Melbourne, Australia.

As a little boy, Nicholas was not happy. Other children often made fun of him. He was always thinking,”Why me? Why did I have to be the one who was differdent from all the rest?”

However, Nicholas did not give in. He decided to fight against fate. As he was growing up, he learned to do many things. Though he has no arms or legs, he could brush his teeth, comb his hair, and even do sports all by himself.

In Grade 7, Nicholas workde in a school organization to help poor people. When he was 17, he started to travel around the world and give many exciting speeches to all kinds of people. Nicholas graduated from college at the age of 12 as an excellent student.

Nicholas says many people wonder how he can smile so much. “I am a guy without arms and legs, but there must be something more in my life. So I try to pay more attention to the wonderful world, not only myself,” he said.

51. Where would you most likely find this passage?

A. In a personnal letter B. In an advertisement

C.On a poster D.In a magazine

52. When did Nicholas start to give speeches around the world?

A.In 1982 B.In 1990 C.In1999 D.In 2003

53. What?s the Chinese meaning of the underlined word ”inspries”?

A. 告诫 B.激励 C.认识 D.联系

54. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. Nicholas had an unhappy children

B. Nicholas has traveled around the world as a speaken

C. Nicholas faced many difficulties while he was give up.

D. Nicholas cannot do sports my himself

55. Which is the best title for this passage?

A.Learn by Yourself B.An Unlucky Child

C.Travel Around the World D.Forgive the Past


I?ve loved my mother?s desk since I was just tall enough to see above the top of it as mother sat doing letters. Standing by her chair, looking at the ink bottle, pens, and white paper, I decided that the act of writing must be the more wonderful thing in the world.

Years later, during her final illness, mother kept different things for my sister and brother. “But the desk,” she?d said again, “it?s for Elizabeth. ”

I never saw her angry, never saw her cry. I knew she loved me; she showed it in action. But as a young girl, I wanted heart-to-heart talks between mother and daughter.

They never happened. And a opened between us. I was “too emotional(易动感情的)”. But she lived “on the surface(表面)”.

As years passed I had my own family. I loved my mother and thanked her for our happy family. I wrote to her in careful words and asked her to let me know in any way she chose that she did forgive(原谅) me.

I posted the letter and waited for her answer. None came.

My hope turned to disappointment(失望), then little interest and, finally, peace— it seemed that nothing happened. I couldn?t be sure that the letter had even got to move her. I only knew that I had written it, and I could stop trying to make her into someone she was not.

Now the present of her desk told, as she?d never been able to, that she was pleased that writing was my chosen work. I cleaned the desk carefully and found some papers inside —a photo of my father and a one-page letter, folded(折叠) and refolded many times.

Give me an answer, my letter asks, in any way you choose. Mother, you always chose the act that speaks louder than words.

56. The writer began to love her mother?s desk ______.

A. after Mother died

B. before she became a writer

C. when she was a child

D. when Mother gave it to her

57. The passage shows that ______.

A. mother was cold on the surface but kind in her heart to her daughter

B. mother was too serious about everything her daughter had done

C. mother cared much about her daughter in words

D. mother wrote to her daughter in careful words

58. The word “gulf” in the passage means ______.

A. deep understanding between the old and the young

B. different ideas between the mother and the daughter

C. free talks between mother and daughter

D. part of the sea going far in land

59. What did mother do with her daughter?s letter asking forgiveness?

A. She had never received the letter.

B. For years, she often talked about the letter.

C. She didn?t forgive her daughter at all in all her life.

D. She read the letter again and again till she died.

60. What?s the best title of the passage?

A. My letter to Mother

B. Mother and Children

C. My mother?s Desk

D. Talks between Mother and Me

A: Now more and more people are reading on the screen, not on paper.

B: Yes, especially young people.

A: Is reading an electric book cheap or expensive?

B: It?s convenient. What??s cool.

A: Is it harmful to our health?

A: Oh, I see. We shouldn?B: Right.


A: Hello! B: Yes, what is it?

A: Could I use your bike again?

B: Certainly. Has your bike broken again?

A: No, I've lost my key to the bike.

B: I see

A: About four o'clock.

B: OK. Here is the key

A: Thank you. Bye!

Ⅳ .填空(10分)


71.That young boy visitor is from ___________(Greek).

72.Although we live in Shenzhen,yet we are not ___________(city) of Shenzhen.

73.He wanted to choose the most beautiful __________ (god) and married her.

74.Everything here on the shelves is on__________ (sell).

75.The headteacher?s words __________ (able) me to be more confident.

76.Can you tell me where the __________ (refer) is?

77.Who will go to Japan for a __________ (far) study, you or your sister?

78.In winter, we need much __________ (hot) to keep our rooms warm.

79.Her__________ (absent) again made the manager angry.

80.Don?t make a__________ (conclude) so quickly before you find out the truth.

Ⅴ .书面表达(15分)


随着互联网的发展和普及,网络购物在中国也变得越来越普遍了,甚至已经成了我们日常生活的一部分了;相信同学们身边一定有不少同学已经通过网络进行购物了,比如淘宝网,京东商城等;但是网络购物究竟有何利弊呢? 请写一篇短文,谈谈网上购物的好处与坏处。

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