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1. Jerry’s father seldom A.loses his temper B.loses his patience C.gets worried D.is unhappy A.What’s the height of B.What’s the length of

C.What’s the weight of D.What’s the width of A.am good at B.do well in C. don’t like D.am very interested in A. is consisted of B. consists of C. consists with D.is consisted with A. Add 27 and 23, and you get 50 B. Add 27 with 23, and you get 50

C. Subtract 23 from 27, and you get 50 D. Multiply 27 by 23, and you get 50 A.went to…at once B. didn’t go to…quickly

C. left for… immediately D.hurried to A. left B. gone C. escaped D. rushed A.right B. now C. right away D.up to now A.stared B. aimed C. showed D.threw 18 million.

A.at a money of B. at a number of

C. at a cost of D. at an amount of


11. Let's look at the bag. Can you see _____―s‖on the corner of_____ bag?

A. a, a B. a, the C. an, a D. an, the

12.-- Which room shall we live in tonight? – In __________.

A. the Room 406 B. Room 406 C. the 406 Room D. 406 Room

13. The food _______ my hometown is quite different ______that there.

A. in, like B. to, from C. from, to D. in, from

14. _______ my mother ________ my sister watches TV plays these days.

A. Either, nor B. Both, and C. Neither, or D. Neither, nor

15. We found ________ necessary to protect the environment.

A. it B. this C. that D. what

16 .-- Who can reach the book on the top shelf?

-- Jack can. He is ________boy of us all.

A. taller B. a tall C. the tallest D. much tallest

17. Every day I spend two hours _______my homework.

A. finishing to do B. finishing doing

C. to finish to do D. to finish doing

18. We'd better _______on the road. A car may hit us.


A.not to play B. not play C. to not play D. don't play

19. I think no news ________ good news, he will be back soon.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

20. Look! Lily with her sister _________ a kite on the playground.

A.is flying B.are flying C.flying D. fly

21. I _______ to bed until my grandma came back home.

A.didn't go B. went C. had gone D. have gone

22. The trees must _______three times a week.

A. water B. watering C. be watered D.waters

23. When I got to his home, he ________ for an hour.

A. had left B. left C. had been away D. has been away

24. If you don' t know a word, you can ________ the word in a dictionary.

A. look up B. look down C. look over D. look out

25. It is better to teach a man to fish than ________ him fish.

A. to give B. giving C. to find D. finding


Mr. Brown quarreled with his wife. He was her, and she was angry with her __ days they didn’t____

One evening Mr. Brown was very tired when he came back from his office. As usual he said at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning, Father.‖

When Mr. Brown woke up the next morning, it was nearly 8 o’clock. On a small table near the bed he

( ) 26. A. anxious to B.angry with C. glad to D.surprised at

( ) 27. A. either B.neither C.also D. too

( ) 28. A. no B. little C .a little D .a few

( ) 29. A. discuss with B. talked to C.dicussed with D.talked to

( ) 30. A. a few B .nothing C .anything D .something

( ) 31. A. did B .made C .had D .built

( ) 32. A. asleep B .sleep C .a sleep D .sleepy

( ) 33. A. are B .was C.is D .were

( ) 34. A. woke me up B .wake me up C .wake up me D .woke up me

( ) 35. A. an other B. other C .the other D .another

Ⅲ .阅读理解



When Mr. David retired, he bought a small house in a village near the sea. He liked it and hoped to live a quiet life in it.

But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most interesting building in the village. From morning to night there tourists outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the windows and many of them even went into Mr. David’s garden. This was too much for Mr. David. He decided to drive the visitors away. So he put a noise on the window. The notice said, ―If you want to satisfy your curiosity (好奇心),come in and look around. Price: 20 dollars.‖ Mr. David was sure that the visitors would stop coming, but he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr. David had to spend every day showing them around his house. ―I came here to retire, not to work as a guide. ―He said angrily. In the end, he sold 2

the house and moved away.

( ) 36. Mr. David house was so _______that many tourists came to see it.

A .small B .quiet C .interesting D .ugly

( ) 37. Mr. David put a notice on the window in order to_______

A . drive the visitors away B.satisty the visitors curiosity

C.let visitors come in and look around D .earn some money

( ) 38. The notice made the visitors_______.

A .more interested in his house B .lose interest in his house

C .angry at the unfair price D .feel happy about the price

( ) 39. After Mr. David put up the notice_______.

A .the visitors didn’t come any longer

B .fewer and fewer visitors came to see his house

C .more and more tourists came for a visit

D .the visitors became angry

( ) 40. At last he had to sell his house and move away because_______.

A .he did not like the house at all

B .he could not work as a guide

C .he made enough money and wanted to buy a new expensive house

D .he could not live a quiet life in it


If someone asks me: ―Do you like music?‖ I’m sure I will answer him or her: ―Of course, I do.‖ because I think music is an important part of our lives.

Different people have different ideas about music. For me, I like rock music because it’s so exciting. And my favorite rock band, the ―Foxy Ladies‖ (酷妹) is one of the most famous rock bands in the world. I also like pop music. My classmate LiLan loves dance music, because she enjoys dancing. My best friend, Jane, likes jazz music (爵士乐). She thinks jazz is really cool.

―I like dance music and rock very much.‖ says my brother, ―because they are amazing.‖

But my mother thinks rock is boring. ―I like some relaxing (轻松的) music,‖ she says. That’s why she likes country music, I think.

41.The writer likes music because he thinks ____________.

A. it’s an exciting part of our lives

B. it’s an amazing part of our lives

C. it’s an important part of our lives

42.What kind of music does the writer like?

A. Rock and pop music. B. Rock and dance music. C. Jazz and country music.

43.Who likes dancing?

A. The writer. B. Li Lan. C. Jane.

44.The writer’s mother thinks that country music is __________.

A. amazing B. boring C. relaxing

45. How many people’s ideas about music are talked about in this passage (短文)?

A. 4. B. 5. C. 6.


Little Tommy was doing very badly in math. His parents had tried everything—tutors (家庭教师), cards, special learning centers—in short, everything they could think of. Finally they took Tommy to a catholic (天主教的) school.


After the first day, little Tommy came home with a very serious look on his face. He didn’t kiss his mother hello. Instead, he went straight to his room and started studying. Books and papers were spread (铺开) out all over the room and little Tommy was hard at work. His mother was surprised. She called him down to dinner and as soon as he finished eating, he went back to his room, without a word. In no time he was back hitting the books as hard as before. This went on for some time, day after day while the mother tried to understand what was happening.

Finally, little Tommy brought home his report card. He quietly put it on the table and went up to his room and hit the books. His mom looked at it and to her surprise, little Tommy got an A in math. She could no longer hold her curiosity (好奇心). She went to his room and asked, ―Son, what was it? Was it the nuns (修女)?‖

Little Tommy looked at her and shook his head, ―No. ‖

―Well then,‖ she asked again. ―WHAT was it?‖

Little Tommy looked at her and said, ―Well, on the first day of school, when I saw that man nailed (钉) to the plus sign (加号), I knew they weren’t joking. ‖

46. Why did Tommy’s parents send him to a catholic school?

A. Because he could eat well there.

B. Because he could earn more about nuns.

C. Because his parents wanted him to do better in his math.

D. Because his parents didn’t want him to learn math any more.

47. Tommy’s mother felt surprised that his son _______.

A. was still the same as usual

B. ate so much at dinner

C. kissed her hello after school

D. worked hard but said little

48. ―Hitting the books‖ means ―_______‖ in Chinese.

A. 用功 B. 捶书 C. 发泄 D. 振作

49. The last sentence in the passage shows that _______.

A. Tommy felt sorry for the mail

B. Tommy was afraid of being nailed

C. Tommy didn’t like the plus sign

D. Tommy liked playing jokes on others

50. From the passage, we can infer (推断) that _______.

A. teachers should be strict with their students

B. mistaking (误解) might do good sometimes

C. a catholic school is much better than other ones

D. nuns are good at helping children with their math


Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, China. His parents left mainland China for Hong Kong a short time before he was born. His parents named him ―Chan Kongsang‖, which means ―born in Hong Kong‖. They wanted to celebrate a safe trip to Hong Kong.

At first, Jackie’s family lived in the French Embassy (大使馆). His father was a cook, and his mother was a housekeeper. When Jackie was seven years old his family moved to Australia. His father got a job in the Ameri-can Embassy. Later, back in Hong Kong, Jackie’s father sent him to the China Drama Academy (中国戏剧学院). 4

Jackie studied and worked 19 hours a day. The students practiced Kung Fu and learned how to do many stunts (特技表演) there.

When Jackie was 17, he began to do dangerous stunts for films. In the early 1980s, Jackie went to Hollywood. But he wasn’t very successful. He went on to make films in Hong Kong and had great success. Finally, in 1995, Jackie Chan became famous in the United States. Today, Jackie Chan has both Chinese and American fans, and his films make millions of dollars.


51. What is Jackie Chan?

A. He is a cook.

C. He is a film star. B. He is a singer. D. He is a housekeeper.

52. When did Jackie Chan’s parents move to Hong Kong?

A. They moved to Hong Kong a short time after Jackie Chan was born.

B. They moved to Hong Kong a short time before Jackie Chan was born.

C. They moved to Hong Kong after they came back from America.

D. They moved to Hong Kong after Jackie Chan studied in the China Drama Academy.

53. What did Jackie Chan learn in the China Drama Academy?

A. Singing.

C. Dramas. B. Dancing. D. Kung Fu and stunts.

54. Which is true according to the passage?

A. Jackie Chan is about forty years old.

B. He was born in America.

C. He wasn’t very successful when he first went to Hollywood.

D. He became famous at the age of 17.

55. From the passage we know that _______.

A. neither his American fans nor his Chinese fans like his films

B. only his Chinese fans like his films

C. everybody in the world likes his films very much

D. his films are popular not only in China but also in America


One day in early March of 1993, Pauline and Tom Nichter and their 11-year-old son Jason, were shopping for a toy in Buena Park, CA. Suddenly, Pauline saw a wallet lying on the floor. When she looked inside, she found $200. The family, homeless and without work, knew that could change their lives. But they took the wallet to the nearby police station and turned it in. The wallet was found to have some other pockets and more money in—over $2 000! The police called the man who lost the wallet to pick it up. The man thanked the Nichters and shook their hands, but did not reward them. Luckily for the family, a TV news reporter filmed the story. People from all over the world heard the story and sent them letters, money and even jobs. A businessman even let them live in his house for free for six months. So far, the family has received over $1 000 000. Now the Nichters’ future is bright. 5


56. The best title of the reading would be _______.

A. Money Is Everything

C. A Kind Businessman B. From Poor To Rich D. A Lost Wallet And The Police

57. Who found out the secret of the wallet?

A. The police

C. Someone else in the shop B. Jason D. The man who lost the wallet

58. From the reading, we know many people _______.

A. work hard to change their lives

C. are ready to help others B. are friendly to the loser D. often have good luck.

59. The words ―reward them‖ in the reading mean ________.

A. speak to the Nichters

C. pay the police B. give something to the Nichters D. meet the news reporters

60. Which of the following is true about the Nichters?

A. They got lots of money from a reporter

B. They made friends with the loser of the money

C. They posted letters to the people all over the world.

D. They became known to many people.

Ann: Hi, Chen Hui!

Chen: Hi, Ann! Thank youAnn: It was a pleasure.

mother. We hope you can come to our

fine. I'll tell Mum and I think I am free that night.

Ann: Sure.

Chen: Goodbye.

Ann: Bye.

A: Good morning, madam.

B: Yes, please. I’d like a dress.

A: B: Size M.

B:OK! It looks nice. But it’s a little short.

A: Well! Look at that green one. It’s a bit longer. It’s nice too, isn’t it?

B: Yes. It looks as nice as the blue one. Can I try it on?


B: Oh, good! It’s just right.

A: Eighty yuan.

B: Oh, that’s too expensive.

A: No. It’s made in Suzhou and its quality is very good.

B: , though it’s expensive. Here’s the money.

A: Here you are, Goodbye!

B: Goodbye! .

Ⅳ .填空(10分)


71.I was_______ (fortunate) to lose my key yesterday.

72.The star of the film is an _______ (know) actor. Few people know him before.

73.Tom’s brother is responsible for all the travel _______ (arrange).

74As a singer, he was a _______ (fail).

75.There was an _______ (express) of happiness on every face after hearing the good news.

76.It is_______ (politeness) to interrupt others while they are talking.

77.When my grandma got home, she found her wallet_______ (miss), but she couldn’t remember when she lost it.

78.Do you have any trouble_______ (work) out the math problem ?

79.As we all know, Japan is a _______ (develop) country.

80.It is reported that three bank _______ (rob) have happened in our city last night.

Ⅴ .书面表达(15分)






Now the low-carbon lifestyle is becoming popular among people. As a student, ______________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


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