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2013年上海市初中毕业统一学业考试英语学科听力文字 I. Listening comprehension


1. Riding a bicycle is good exercise, isn't it ?

2. Look, the children are playing happily in the water.

3. Mike and Sue went on a picnic and they had a wonderful time.

4. Linda makes better cakes than anyone else in the town.

5. It's a good habit to do some reading every day.

6. Mr. Black will have to stay in hospital for several days.


7. W: Have you decided how to go to New York?

M: Yeah. A plane ticket costs 500 dollars, but if I take a train, it's only 200 dollars. Q: How much is a plane ticket to New York?

8. M: Good morning, class, I'd like you to meet your new teacher.

W: Hi, I'm Grace from Canada. I'll teach you English and French this term. Q: What nationality is Grace?

9. W: Sorry, Peter. I've left your dictionary on the kitchen table.

M: Well, it doesn't matter, Jane. I'll just share with Betty.

Q: Whose dictionary is left on the kitchen table?

10. W: It's the third Sunday in June, a special day for fathers.

M: I want to do something for dad. Can you teach me how to cook, Mum? Q: What day is it?

11. W: Did you work out the math problem yesterday, David?

M: To tell you the truth. It was too difficult for me, so I went to my teacher for help. Q: How did David work out the math problem?

12. M: Lisa, I'm feeling a bit nervous. I've never met your dad.

W: Don't worry, dear. He's a nice person and I believe he'll like your gift. Q: Why is the man feeling nervous?

13. W: Ben, please pick up your things. They are all over the living room floor. M: In a minute, OK? I'm on the phone.

W: OK. But do it as soon as you hang up. Dinner is ready.

Q: What's the possible relationship between the two speakers?

14. W: I wish to travel to Disneyland in Hong Kong.

M: Well, I think I'll go to Italy to see the museums and enjoy the food.

Q: What are they talking about?

15. M: I'd like to return this book. I found some mistakes in it.

W: I'm afraid you'll have to see the manager about that.

Q: Where does this dialogue probably take place?

16. M: My recorder doesn't work. What should I do?

W: Why not call Mr. Jones?

Q: What does the woman mean?


Henry was a rich man who lived in the city. One day he took his son, Tom, to the country. First they travelled by plane for about an hour. Then they walked for two hours to a farm. They stayed there for a week with a poor family. Henry wanted Tom to see how other people lived. When they returned from the trip, Henry asked his son, "How did you like your trip, dear?" His son answered, "It was great, Dad. I saw lots of interesting things. At home we only have one pet dog. But they have several. They have chickens, dogs and other animals too. We swim in a pool. But they swim in a huge lake. We have a garden. But they have green fields where the children can run about freely. We hang lanterns in our garden at festival times, but they can see the bright stars at night. We buy frozen food at the supermarket, but they get fresh food from the farm. We have to lock our doors when we go out, but they can sleep with their doors open. Thanks, Dad. I've learned a very good lesson. Now I know how poor we are." Henry was surprised to hear that. Very often we only notice what we do not have and forget what we have. If we can enjoy what we already have, we will live a happier life.

D. Susan lives in a small town in California. She is a pretty school girl. She is ordinary in many ways. She goes to school every day. She eats hamburgers and pizza. She likes to buy CDs and dance to pop music in her spare time. She talks to her friends on the telephone for hours. But Susan is not an ordinary girl. She's only 15 years old. And she has won the first prize in the skating competition in her town. She trains with the adults and beats them in the competitions. Her trainer, Michael, says, "Whatever I teach her, she can do it easily.” Susan trains at the training center four times a week. She goes there on foot because it's just two blocks from her house. After training, she usually watches TV, or plays computer games with her brother. On

weekdays she always gets up at seven o'clock. But on Saturdays and Sundays she prefers to rest at home unless there is a competition. Her dad always makes her favourite breakfast on Sunday mornings. And does Susan have any dreams? Yes. She wants to take part in the national skating competition next year. Everyone believes she will become a skating star in the future.

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