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Ⅰ. Listen and choose the right picture(根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片):(共6分)

1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________

Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案):(共10分)

( ) 7. A. Red. B. White. C. Green. D. Black.

( ) 8. A. Sunny. B. Windy. C. Snowy. D. Rainy.

( ) 9. A. On Thursday. B. On Friday. C. On Saturday. D. On Sunday.

( )10. A. By bike.

( ) 11. A. Linda. B. By bus. C. By car. D. By underground. B. Mary. C. Alice. D. May.

( ) 12. A. Because he wants to see a film.

B. Because he’ll work late tonight.

C. Because he wants to visit his classmates.

D. Because he’ll watch a football match.

( ) 13. A. In a library. B. In a bank. C. In a restaurant. D. In a hospital.

( ) 14. A. 20. B. 40. C. 60. D. 80.

( ) 15. A. Go skating. B. Go swimming.

C. Play volleyball. D. Play basketball.

( ) 16. A. The seat was comfortable. B. The play was boring.

C. She was twenty minutes late. D. The play was too short.

Ⅲ. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(判断下列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示):(共7



( ) 17. Mrs Grant runs an old people’s home called Love and Care.

( ) 18. Some of the old people get lonely because they don’t have any visitors.

( ) 19. Some students went to the old people’s home after school.

( ) 20. The old people at Love and Care often watch performances given by volunteers.

( ) 21. The students and the old people talked to each other when they had tea and cake.

( ) 22. All the old people joined the students in the singing and dancing.

( ) 23. The passage is mainly about how to run an old people’s home.

Ⅳ. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences(听短文,完成下列内容。每空格限填一词):(共7分)

24. It is a ________ book for children. Its home is in the library.

25. The book stayed in a factory for ________ weeks before it went to a new place.

26. The book went to the library and others were ________ away to book shops.

27. Some people take good care of the book and turn its pages ________.

28. Other people are bad to the book and they read it with ________ hands.

29. Some people throw the book away in the ________ when they want to sleep.

30. The colours on its cover were ________. Now they have turned pale.


Ⅰ. 1. Sarah’s father is making a phone call in the office.

2. Smoking is not allowed in public places in Shanghai.

3. Did Miss Green get many flowers on Teachers’ Day?

4. Uncle Tom is a great cook. The cake he makes is delicious.

5. Lisa and her sister enjoy making snow balls in winter.

6. It’s good for us to eat vegetables every day.

Ⅱ. 7. M: Your bike is red, isn’t it?

W: Yes, and my old one is green.

Q: What colour is the woman’s old bike?

8. W: What a lovely day! The sun is shining and the wind is gentle.

W: Yes, but the weatherman says we’ll have rain tomorrow.

Q: What will the weather be like tomorrow?

9. W: Julia, when will you go to the World Expo, this Saturday or Sunday?

W: I guess there will be too many visitors at the weekend, so I’ll go there on Thursday.

Q: When will Julia go to the World Expo?

10. W: I usually go to work by bus. How about you?

M: I used to drive to work, but now I take underground instead.


Q: How does the woman usually go to work?

11. M: Linda, did you give your CD player to Mary?

W: Yes, and she has given it to Alice.

Q: Who has got the CD player now?

12. W: David, are you coming home for dinner?

M: I don’t think so. I’ll watch a football match with my classmates. So I’ll be home late tonight.

Q: Why isn’t the man going home for dinner?

13. W: Good evening! Are you ready to order, sir?

M: Yes. I’d like a fish soup and a pizza, please.

W: Fine. And would you like anything to drink?

M: Orange juice, please.

Q: Where does this dialogue probably take place?

14. M: How was the party last night, Shelly?

W: Well, we expected eighty guests but only half of them came.

Q: How many guests came to the party last night?

15. W: Do you play sports, Bob?

M: Yes. I play volleyball and basketball. And you?

W: Well, I sometimes go skating.

M: That sounds like fun. Why don’t we try this weekend?

W: Good idea.

Q: What will they probably do this weekend?

16. M: How did you like the play at the theater last night?

W: I must tell you that I fell asleep after the first twenty minutes.

Q: What does the woman mean?

Ⅲ. Our teacher, Mrs Grant has a friend who runs an old people’s home. It is called Love and Care. He asked Mrs Grant if some of her students would go and visit the old people. Some of the old people do not have any visitors and they get lonely. Mrs Grant told us about it and we had a discussion. Several of my classmates and I volunteered to go after school. Mrs Grant said that it would be nice if we could give some performances to the old people. They do not often have the chance to watch performances. Mainly they watch TV. We decided to sing some old songs to them. We asked Mrs Grant to play the piano for us. We practiced twice before we went there. At Love and Care we talked to the old people while having tea and cakes with them. Some of them couldn’t walk easily. An old man kept falling asleep and waking up suddenly. One of the old women was talking to herself all the time. Then we sang to the old people. They really liked the songs. Some of them joined in the singing. They got really excited. It was good to see the old people so happy. We would like to visit them again.

Ⅳ. Hello! Let me introduce myself to you. I am a story book for children. My home is in a library. I live on a shelf with a lot of other books. Before I came to the library I stayed in a factory for five weeks. I remember being on a shelf with a lot of books which looked exactly like me. Then I went to the library. Others were sent away to book shops. People often take me from the library to their homes to read me. Some people take good care of me. They make sure that their hands are clean


and turn my pages softly. They put a bookmark in me when they stop reading for a while. Other people are bad to me. They read me with dirty hands. They turn up the corner of my pages so they know where to start reading again. Some people read me in the bedroom. They just throw me away when they want to sleep. I am quite old now. My pages used to be really white. Now they look different. When I first came to live in the library, the colours of my cover were bright. Now they have turned pale. I like being a book. It is good to meet so many different kinds of people.


Ⅰ. 1. D 2. B 3. F 4. C 5. A 6. E

Ⅱ. 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. B 11. C 12. D 13. C 14. B 15. A 16. B

Ⅲ. 17. F 18. T 19. T 20. F 21. T 22. F 23. F

Ⅳ. 24. story 25. five 26. sent 27. softly 28. dirty 29. bedroom 30. bright


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